c4u is an e-learning website made as a project but gradually and slowly it became  a useful and meaningful sensation for all the group members .c4u is an excellent website for the beginners of "C" even for those who does not know anything about this language .Mainly the course content of this website is for "O" level students, but it is not limited for them only .It contains numerous amount of examples of each and every topics contained in ''C'', and at the end of the tutorial you will realise that  you have gone  much deep into ''C''. It will become very easy for you to perform complex programs very easily as all the program present in the website are present in the form of source code making it easy for you to learn.”Thus naming it as c4u". Thinking of the website cover idea is one thing ,putting it into action is a different cup of tea .During this course many people helped me in executing programs ,spotting bugs ,drawing figures and preparing index .I trust that with their collective acumen ,all the programs would run correctly in all situations .I value the work that they did a lot .Any errors ,omissions or inconsistencies that remain are ,alas! My  responsibility. I would like to thank the members of my team who assisted me with this project, my friends parashuram and kaushal singh who edited the whole document and assisted in the construction of display .I would specially like to thank parashuram because all the designs , figures and the hyper linking of the pages are the result of his tireless efforts .I am sure that without him I would not have been able to complete this project. A heartfelt thanks to our teachers MS. PURNIMA SRIVASTAVA  and MR.SHASHIKANT MANI  TRIPATHI for their assistance and expert guidance in the project it was sure that without you we would not have been able to complete this project in such a short span of time, me and my whole team is very grateful to you MA’AM and SIR .It is all because of you that c4u is no longer a dream for us but has became an unforgettable experience of our life.